[aprssig] Re:All APRS Digipeaters In The World (Almost!) Mapped On UIview

Phillip zl2tze at yahoo.com.au
Fri Mar 2 14:04:16 EST 2007


     Well done Stephen..


FYI NZ has far more digis than shown.


Many NZ station act as a Gateway / Node / Digi but would in most cases use
either Gateway or Node with a few dedicated Digi. These stations are mainly
owner operator with a few club operated digis.


The problem is that there is no Multi Task symbol for the station that does
all 3 things Gateway / Node / Digi etc Maybe a Multi Task symbol could be
produced :-)


In reflection your Map of NZ would be missing over 2/3rds of the available
APRS Digis available to users.


This could also be a problem for your WW map as you only collected data with
a STAR Symbol, others around the world may be doing the same, and using a
symbol that reflects there primary use only.


73 Phillip



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