[aprssig] Updating moving objects at an event

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Mar 1 22:40:26 EST 2007

> I AM looking for something that can show the data at a 
> glance...  so i will most likely need a custom GUI...
> AT A GLANCE, I want to be able to tell:
> "I have 4 competitors on stage 1 (checked in, not checked
> "I have 12 competitors in transit between stage 1 and stage 2"
> "I have 7 competitors on stage 2"
> "I have 20 competitors in transit to service from stage 2"

That is exactly what APRS objects are all about.  Just place
them on the map, and a CLICK and DRAG is all anyone with new
data has to do to update them.  This gives you the GUI and the
instantaneous update for everyone to see the result in real
time.  If there are 10 objects at state X, then everyone can see
them on the map there.

Yes, it is manual, but it only takes a second for ANYONE to move
an object from where it is, to where it needs to be so that all
can see  And being manual , they can be placed so that all can
be seen..

If you were running APRSdos, these objects would move by
deadreckoning so they only needed to be updated when they
stopped or whatever.  This would give you instant visibility to
where everything was and approximately their progress between

But be warned that Uiview is not good with large numbers of
objects from one station, so either spread out the load of
updating these objects or use some other client.


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