Spam: [aprssig] All APRS Digipeaters In The World (Almost!) Mapped OnUIview

Jan T. Pharo la2bba at
Thu Mar 1 18:29:20 EST 2007

"Stephen H. Smith" <wa8lmf2 at>, Thu, 01 Mar 2007 01:13:06 -0800:

>    * Europe - Single Screen. (82K)  This single 1440x900 pixel screen
>      is still not large enough to separate individual stations.

Nice map;
however, I am amazed which names the map developer have selected to
show. Except for Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim, the few place names which
are shown, are of places which are less than small, while nearby towns
remain unmentioned.
At least, I can see that my own station is close to the neighbouring
country, which is true :-)

73 de Jan, LA2BBA
Hvaler, Norway

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