[aprssig] Closeout on Byonics Products

Jason Rausch jason at ke4nyv.com
Sat Jun 30 23:44:27 EDT 2007

Folks, over the past year, sales of the Byonics
products have dropped off quite a bit for me and the
Argent Data Items are selling, so I have decided to
discontinue carrying the TinyTrak kits.  I do,
however, still have two built units in stock and I am
offering them to the SIG deeply discounted.

The first is a standard TinyTrak III (non plus) that
was modified to have a TO-220 style regulator to power
a Deluo or similar GPS module, before the Plus version
was available.  The pinout used is the same as the
current Plus model available.  The customer failed to
pay me and I have had it in stock ever since.  The
case is included.  Additonal pictures of the inside
are available upon request.  I am asking $30 +


The second is a TinyTrak III Plus, including the
larger TO-220 regulator, ready to power a Deluo or
similar GPS module.  The case is included.  I am
asking $35 + shipping.


I can accept PayPal at sales at rpc-electronics.com and
we DO accept all major credit cards.  I will combine
shipping if someone would like both units.

We also offer brand new Deluo GPS receivers if you
need one to pair up with either of these tracker

Please diect questions to me off-list.

Jason KE4NYV
RPC Electronics

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