[aprssig] Need Help Using APRS/CE with Kenwood D700

Allen Shuff allen_shuff at sbcglobal.net
Sun Jun 24 00:24:45 EDT 2007

Sorry about the mistake.  it should read


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Subject: [aprssig] Need Help Using APRS/CE with Kenwood D700

I am trying to use APRS/CE with the following: Kenwood D700, Garmin
StreetPilot 1, and an IPAQ 4705.  Here is my configuration:


.                     The  IPAQ  is connected to the D700 serial port using
a Socket Cordless Serial Adapter (CSA).GPS input.

.                     StreetPilot connected to D700.

.                     D700 in TNC PKT mode.

.                     Communication settings are:  com1, 9600 baud rate, 8
data bits, 1 stop bit (Note: TNC Type shows "None" and I can not select
anything else from the pull-down menu.

.                     GPS setting is Data from TNC Automatically


When using the D700 and CSA with APRS +SA, my position is reported correctly
on APRS +SA on my laptop; however, after attempting to send my position,
see a message similar to:  TNC>232036z0000.00N/0000.00W>000/000 followed by
no digipeat of your packet was heard.


Any help is appreciated.


Allen Shuff - W9ON

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