[aprssig] Re: APRS in the North East (Robert Bruninga)

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Jun 19 22:40:38 EDT 2007

> When you traveled into and thru Connecticut 
> I sent you several APRS messages and each one 
> was rejected by your TM-D700.

Drats.  I did clean out my messages several times, but now realize that I had WILD CARD on, so I was actually receiving ALL messages from-&-to everyone.  So my D700 was filling up very rapidly.  When I am using the APRS satellites, I set the MSG GROUP to * so that I can see all satellite messages...  I forgot to cancel that.

> Whenever I travel in the state my screen shows 
> local voice repeaters and pl's just fine on my 
> TM-D700 screen and they all use a direct no digi 
> path so they do present local information. 

Great.  I wonder why I never received a single one.... Just to make sure we are not talking apples and oranges, I did see a few DIGI's that listed a voice repeater in their own position beacon... but what I am talking about is seeing the actual frequecy as the name of the object so that it shows up as a frequency (instead of a callsign) on the station list.

>From your description as being direct, it sounds like you are talking about the same thing..., so I wonder why my experience was so different...  hummh.  Would you mind sending me the frequency of one or two of them so I could look them up on FINDU?  thanks

> I'm sysop of several and have made every effort 
> to make them all compliant and use your guidelines 
> as you have outlined on your webpage.

Great!  Yes, you have been with APRS for over a dozen years going way back to the beginning, and so I assumed that you would be on top of it.  Maybe it is that I was traveling through the center of the state and not near your Eastern end?

I will list you as the Connecticut APRS CZAR and add it to my web page (yet to be written) that shows all the states that have implemented the local repeater info Initiative.  I hope to list all of the "recommended voice repeaters" for each state and the digi that is transmitting them.


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