[aprssig] FD callsigns IDEA!

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Jun 19 14:11:51 EDT 2007

There was a proposal for FD-XXX-n objects to show where people
would be on field day...  Great idea... (I cant find original

But here maybe is a BETTER idea?  It will allow BLIND contacts
throught the USA!

Make your STATION call be XXX-n.  This way, anyone, anywhere in
the ocuntry can contact you in the blind by guessing your
section (XXX) and then working all the "-n"'s.

Now since some programs are not easy to change your station
call, and the registration number may not work, the alternative
is as folows:

1) Post an object (now) of XXX-n  where XXX is your ARRL section
and -n is a sequential number if there is more than one in your
section.  At more than 15, then the callsign will have to be
XXX1-1 for the 16th one, and on up to XXX1-15 and then on to
XXX2-1 and so on.

2) Add XXX-n to your MESSAGE GROUP.  This way, your station WILL
receive all messages to that XXX-n object! (but it will not ACK
them).  Besides, ACKS are of no value and much less reliable in
a two-way contact anyway.

3) Work as many stations on RF normally as you can.  When you
run out of local RF contacts, just send a message in the blind
to each XXX-1 ARRL section with a CQ.  When you see a response
from each XXX-1, then you can work the XXX-2 station and so

4) REMEMBER, ACKS are much less reliable.  Only worry about 2
way contacts, and not acks.  If you send station XXX-1 a message
and you get one back, then CANCEL your outgoing and move on to
the next one.  The ACKS will never come back anyway, since you
are sending messages to an OBJECT.

You are doing this all on RF, but the messages actually go via
the Igates system.  These contacts are not for FD points, but
are for DEMO bragging rights!  A QSO is a 2 way message contact.

Always use the CAMP symbol for Field Day.  It is also called
PORTABLE sometimes.  It is a semicolon in the primary table

Won't this be a hoot!  Making contacts one by one in every state
and every section, and still keeping the local RF traffic low...

Or am I missing something?  My MDC-1 object is now on the air.
See if you can work it.  (though you wont get anything back
unless I answer.)  But get your FD station on the air NOW with
its XXX-n object.


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