[aprssig] How to query findu.com data base?????

Dave Baxter dave at emv.co.uk
Tue Jun 19 04:01:34 EDT 2007


>From personal experience with both VB and Delphi, also doing 'net stuff
(not "dot" NET, that's entirely different)  I found it a little easier
to use VB to get stuff from the network, but was difficult to plug all
the leaks and holes, and make stable and predicatble if things don't go
right.  Delphi, tends to make very reliable apps from the outset, but
the network interface can take a bit of getting used to.  I've used both
"The Indy Project" and "ICS" packages, both have their features, and
fairly active support forums.
I know of OziExplorer, but don't use it as here in the UK there are no
detailed maps available for it (Crown copyright problems) but I'd
suggest use whatever you find easier to get your head round for the API
side, and if that also does the network side reliably, fine.  Unless you
have a very recent release of VB (and all the MSDN update stuff) be
aware that much of the network stuff can "expose" a user to some rather
nasty exploits by default, unless you plug them..  Delphi and Indy on
the other hand, unless you add the function, the hole is not even
present, plugged or otherwise.  Not to say that parts of Indy don't have
some interesting "features" too of course.

Delphi also does have good database integration tools, not that I have
ever found any need to use them, but MySQL stuff if not built in, would
be available of course, no doubt as installable "components" too, making
life potentially easier, at least, they should!...
The Object Oriented approach of Delphi I think makes it much easier to
go back later on, for support and modification purposes, as it forces
you to be structured from the outset by the nature of the underlying
language (Pascal of course)  Yes, you can be structured with VB too, but
it's too easy to be sloppy, using Variants and all that, later on,
trying to figure out why something doesn't do what you expect, can be a
pain to say the least.
Lastly, sadly Delphi does tend to generate huge applications (.exe file
size) compared to VB.  Probably due to the need to have all it's own
Windows baggage, where as VB apears to use parts of the OS.  However,
the resulting Delphi app, does tend to be somewhat better behaved if
things go wrong, not that you can't program infinite loops of course,
you can do that in any language!

Deployment too, I find is easier with Delphi, just the .exe and any
"needed" DLL's, all go into the same folder (at the very worst, shared
DLL's go into the System32 folder, or in the case of D1, System) no
registry messings (unless you want to) no overwriting System DLL's or
other settings with things from your compiler environment, no need to
"Register" any needed DLL's with the OS either, they just load and go
when needed.  Resulting in much easier removal if needed too.

Horses for courses.  Make your choice based on what you know.  If VB
cut's it, and you know how to make it secure etc, go that route.  If
your happier with Delphi, and like the OOP approach, go that route.
Whatever, enjoy the brain ache!..  I just wish I had the time to dive in
to all this stuff these days...
It always surprises me, that there are still a few things you can do
with Delphi-1 (Win16) that you cant do easily if at all even, with the
later VB offerings, and I've not yet found anything you can do with VB,
you can't do with Delphi.  DLL's seem to be a whole lot easier to make
with Delphi that I do know, but if you need to integrate them with say
VBA behind Excel etc, then VB is the sensible choice.
Dave G0WBX.


	From: Victor Fraenckel [mailto:victorf at windreader.com] 
	Sent: Sunday, June 17, 2007 10:05 PM
	To: APRS Sig
	Subject: [aprssig] How to query findu.com data base?????

	I would like to write an application that could query the findu
database for the location of a specific callsign. My idea is to write an
app that can do this and then, using the OziExplorer APIs, plot this
position on a map. The app would do this periodically and thus plot a
track for any given call sign. Is this feasible? 
	Since the Ozi APIs are available in both VB and Delphi, which
would be the better way to go? Why? I am proficient enough to do the app
in either language. I have never written software that has used the
Internet to query a database and would like some pointers as to how to
proceed. Any suggestions?
	Any enlightenment will be appreciated. 


	Victor Fraenckel
	victorf ATSIGN windreader DOT com

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