[aprssig] What settings for igate?

Greg D. ko6th_greg at hotmail.com
Sun Jun 17 18:52:19 EDT 2007

Hi folks,

Getting back to this project after being distracted...  It's still not quite 

I found a web page which lists internet servers, and configured a new 
interface on XASTIR for socal.aprs2.net, port 14580.  Checked "activate on 
startup" and "reconnect on net failure".  The three fields "pass-code", 
"filter", and "comments" are blank.

The interface is shown as "UP", and I can see that I'm listed on the server 
as connected, and the statistics are are incrementing.  But I'm not seeing 
anything local show up on Findu.  (I tried sending a packet from my D7 on 
low power - it shows up on my XASTIR map, but not on Findu.)

I note that the server lists me (and some other stations) as "No" under 
"Verified".  Is that the problem - is there another step that I need to take 
in order to have traffic show up?  What is the procedure?


Greg  KO6TH

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On Sun, 29 Apr 2007, Greg D. wrote:

 > there are three options in the next frame down
 > that are currently not checked:
 >   - Transmit compressed objects/items
 >   - Activate Alternate Net
 >   - Disable posit dupe-check
 > I assume I leave them off?

The first option will change your _own_ transmitted objects to
Base-91 Compressed format, instead of Standard APRS non-compressed
format.  Your choice on that one.

Don't activate "Alternate Net" unless you want to only see people
that are also using that same Net.  This is mostly for events or
other instances where a group of people want to interoperate yet get
rid of other stations/objects off their map.

The third will drop any duplicate packets received so that
tracklines don't do weird reversals on you.  This is mostly for when
you have an digi in your area that is holding packets for a while so
that tracklines start doing weird things on your maps.

 > There is also a field for typing in a string, but it's not labeled.
 > What goes there?  Currently is says "XASTIR".

That's for the ALTNET setting.  If you change it to "APX"
temporarily and then turn on ALTNET, you'll see how many Xastir
stations are in your area.  Remember to turn off ALTNET when done

 > >You might want to gate in both directions, as this then helps people
 > >to use APRS messaging.

 > I guess I'm skeptical about how much value this would have, since I
 > live in a bit of a hole.  We're by a creek, so by definition I have hills
 > on two sides.  The antenna currently is a twin lead Jpole hanging
 > on the wall in the shack, on the first floor of the house.  Height above
 > ground is maybe 8', depending on where you measure to.  Height
 > above the street level is about zero (the lot slopes down).  Power is
 > 5 watts.  There is a good digi and igate 21.3 miles from here (K6FGA-1)
 > on Banner Mt.  Fortunately, it is down stream, so I can hit it reliably.
 > Is adding my little 5w station to the RF clutter a benefit or just more
 > QRM?

Probably more QRM.  I'd just gate to the internet then in that case.

 > I guess the program knows where on the Internet to aim the traffic,
 > as I see no place to configure it.

You have to create an internet server interface and connect up

 > One more question:  A number of the postings related to old vs new
 > addressing (wide vs wide n-n) talk about needing to upgrade the
 > hardware (TNC, presumably).  Is my MFJ TNC ok, needing new
 > software, or does this even matter when using XASTIR?

Doesn't matter in your case.  If you're running APRS software and/or
not running as a digi, you can use old hardware just fine.

You do want to use the new paradism paths though.  WIDE2-2 or
WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1 are the usual recommendations.  You can also put in
specific digipeaters if you have one best path away from your house.

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