[aprssig] APRS digi from the digi point of view

Jim Wagner wagnerj at proaxis.com
Thu Jun 14 19:16:45 EDT 2007

OK, lets say someone is writing an application that COULD have APRS 
digi function. The question is what digi alias schemes should said 
application be prepared to support:

(1) Simple name or call? Sure, all digis, APRS or not, need to do that

(2) RELAY and WIDE? I know that they are deprecated, but should they be 

(3) WIDEn-N? Yes?

(4) What about TRACEn-N? If so, what are the rules used by TRACE digis? 
What do they substitute where?

(5) Are there other NAMEn-N constructs in use? Do you allow an 
arbitrary 5 char name?

(6) Other digi reference schemes?


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