[APRSSIG] HamHUD II Kit Group Buy In Progress

Steve Bragg steve at hamhud.net
Sun Jun 10 22:35:28 EDT 2007

Stephen K1LNX asked,

> Are existing Hamhud II's able to be upgraded to include KISS support? Was
> this just a firmware change?

I don't know for sure whether existing HamHUDs will be able to be upgraded to include KISS support.  We will make an announcement when we know for certain.  Two things we are more certain of:

1.  The latest HamHUD II kits will include KISS capability
2.  The older HamHUD II kits will need MORE than just a firmware upgrade to support KISS.

I *think* we might be able to upgrade the older kits with just a plug-in PIC upgrade, but I'm not sure right now.  Watch the HamHUD list for an announcement.

Sorry for not being more specific...


Steve Bragg KA9MVA

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