[aprssig] TNC Question..

Herb Gerhardt hgerhardt at wavecable.com
Thu Jun 7 20:13:37 EDT 2007

Third choice it to use it for an APRS Home Station.  It will work just fine
for that but you would need at least a Version 6 EPROM to use it for a

Kantronics quit selling upgrade EPROM'S for that unit a long time ago.  The
latest version is 8.2 so maybe you can look around and see if someone has an
"extra" one.

The difference between the 3 and 3+ was a hardware and firmware difference,
so the EPROM'S are not interchangeable between the two.  Don't know if they
had any operational differences at that time.

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> I recently was given a Kantronics KPC3 TNC.  The firmware is old at
> version 5.3 (something like that anyway).  The way I see it, I have
> two choices - upgrade to the latest firmware available for the KPC3,
> or forget about it and just purchase a KPC3+.  If I had the money
> there would be a third option - both ;-)   What are the differences
> between the KPC3 and the KPC3+?
> thanks
> John, KC0OIE

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