[aprssig] Ham radio shops in New York (Manhattan?)

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Tue Jun 5 12:53:31 EDT 2007

I don't know of any in NYC per se, but there is KJI in New Jersey that can be reached by public transportation:  http://www.kjielectronics.com/location/dir.shtml

73, ---Ken W2KB

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> Hi all, 
> To keep my mail on topic, I am looking for some amateur radio 
> equipment stockists in New York (ideally Manhattan) that would a) 
> stock aprs kit (ideally handhelds) and b) have a website/e-mail 
> address. 
> While my Google skills are strong, I can't find too many shops/details online. 
> I am travelling to New York at the end of the month and would like to 
> browse some shops. 
> thanks 
> bernard 
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