[aprssig] Trackers on motorcycles

Earl Needham needhame1 at plateautel.net
Mon Jun 4 09:35:52 EDT 2007

At 07:10 AM 6/4/2007, Edwards, Chris wrote:
>We hope to add more trackers next year if
>we can figure out how to attach them to a motorcycle.

         I rode motorcycles for some 20 years, but haven't had one in 
a while now.  I used 2-meter equipment and even HF on occasion.  It 
helps a LOT if the bike you're going to put gear on has a rear rack 
-- you can put antennas there, and if saddlebags are available, you 
can put the transceiver in there.  You can actually mount stuff on 
the handlebar mounts if you need to.  Power is easy -- just go direct 
to the battery and run the cables from there.  Usually not over three 
feet to get anywhere you have equipment.

         7 3

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