[aprssig] Standard PL Tone for 144.39

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sun Jun 3 09:24:42 EDT 2007

Putting the recommended voice repeater object in every digi's BText:

> Every APRS digi?  I don't think extremely 
> high digis should send object packets for 
> repeaters - often they have better coverage 
> than the voice repeaters (at least in 
> this area).  Local digi?  Fine - send the object.

Agree completely.  But then again, often those very high sites may also have a very high voice repeater with fantastic coverage that travelers use.

One thing to remember is that the useable range of a voice repeater on a mountain top is about twice the usable range of a digi at the same location (which is four times less in area covered)...  This is  because packet requires at least 6 dB more signal for a reliable decode than voice does.  And 6 dB is half the range...

So the digi would not be over-advertising in this case.

I agree, that we do not want over-advertising of these voice repeater objects.  So each case has to be considered as you suggest.

Bob, Wb4APR

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