[aprssig] Need Help Digipeating Programming for D7

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Jun 1 12:20:26 EDT 2007

> How much of the incoming packet do I repeat?  
> If I receive 
> W1JPZ>APU25N,W1GTT-15*,WIDE2-2,W2DAN-15:;KB1NTE 
> *031635z4122.26N/07139.99WoCharlestown EOC - RPT & Winlink in

This is an OBJECT with the name of the object being KB1NTE.  You
should always repeat the entire packet, except for the changes
to the heaer we have discussed.

> Do I repeat 
> }W1JPZ>APU25N,W1GTT-15*,WIDE2-1,W2DAN-15:;*031635z4122.26N/071
39.99WoCharlestown EOC - RPT & Winlink in 2007

No, you will have destroyed the OBJECT format, and made it
un-readable... You have left out the object name and the format
no longer matches the required format.
> or just 
> }*031635z4122.26N/07139.99WoCharlestown EOC - RPT & Winlink in

Even worse...

> I think I picked a bad example.  Do I repeat the entire 
> incoming message, or just the stuff after the colon?  

The entire packet.  Else you are stealing their data and putting
your call on it...


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