[aprssig] Need Help Digipeating Programming for D7

gerheim at cox.net gerheim at cox.net
Fri Jun 1 11:13:07 EDT 2007

How much of the incoming packet do I repeat?  

If I receive 
W1JPZ>APU25N,W1GTT-15*,WIDE2-2,W2DAN-15:;KB1NTE *031635z4122.26N/07139.99WoCharlestown EOC - RPT & Winlink in 2007

Do I repeat 

}W1JPZ>APU25N,W1GTT-15*,WIDE2-1,W2DAN-15:;*031635z4122.26N/07139.99WoCharlestown EOC - RPT & Winlink in 2007
or just 
}*031635z4122.26N/07139.99WoCharlestown EOC - RPT & Winlink in 2007


I think I picked a bad example.  Do I repeat the entire incoming message, or just the stuff after the colon?  

I'm still working on getting the path right.  

-Al Gerheim

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