[aprssig] D700 Tip. Reading Mail

Arte Booten n2zrc at optonline.net
Tue Jul 31 14:19:23 EDT 2007

Hi all,

The Bob'ser wrote:

> > How do we call CQ locally on APRS?
>Voice Alert.  Each of packet contains a 100 HZ tone which will
>be heard [by] all surrounding APRS also running Voice Alert.

      I never quite got this.   In order for this to work, I'd need to
run PL squelch, right?  So how, then, would my APRS station be able to
hear, say, the local digi or WX station that *isn't* transmitting a PL
of 100?  Or would I need to have both VFO's of my D7 or D700 on 144.39
(the A side running data transmitting a  100 hz tone and the other VFO
listening with PL squelch)?  73

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