[aprssig] Shrinking HAM radio

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Jul 30 12:49:54 EDT 2007

> Ham radio is dying and will probably be 
> a memory in 10 years anyway...
I have similar worries too if we don't look for opportunities to
condense our operations to make it easier to find each other.
That is why I have been pushing for the last several years to
use APRS as a means of facilitating the connection of
human-to-human while mobile.  

The APRS Voice Alert lets APRS users in range of each other to
find each other no matter what their radio is doing otherwise.
Now with this new LocalInfo Initiative for voice repeaters, we
should be able to find someone to QSO no matter where we are.
If you have not kept up with it, please take a look on this web
Getting a consistent format is important so that we can build
widgets to automatically tune to these recommended voice
frequencies with the push of a button...  
So anything I can do to APRS to make it easier to FOCUS ham
radio operators that are on the air to be able to find each
other, will be a benefit to the dwindling ranks...


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