[aprssig] Concise Guidelines for Net Etiquette

Richard N. Piper IV piper.richard at gmail.com
Fri Jul 27 19:58:10 EDT 2007

Folks I am sending this out to all the list that I am on as I am seeing
people do some of this on some of the lists I am on and it bugs me. So here
is some Net Etiquette for you:

Don't Participate in Flame Wars!

Should you decide something you received is so priceless that you
*must*forward it,
*DON'T include your entire address list* in the TO: field.
Learn To Use Distribution Lists or send Blind Carbon Copies. This one just
bugs me as I don't want the whole world to know my email address. Think
about people a spammer could see your address if it is in a list of address
that has bee forwarded.

*Use the subject field!
* The subject field is a useful option that is often neglected. The biggest
problem in my experience is ineffective or improper use of the Subject
field. It's disturbing how many people send e-mails with no subject or the
wrong subject, particularly in replys. If you change the topic of an E-Mail
in the reply, Please Change the Subject Line To Match!

Inappropriate subjects also make it difficult to file, forward, or provide
meaningful responses.

When responding to E-Mail, don't quote the entire original message in your
reply. Only quote the relevant parts, and only to the extent that they will
help orient the recipient on your reply.

If you want to unsubscribe from a public mailing list, please PLEASE make
certain that the UNSUBSCRIBE command gets sent to the LIST SERVER and
*NOT*the Mailing List Itself. If you do this, you irritate every
member of the
list who gets your message, and you will still be subscribed to the list.

Richard N. Piper IV
Piper.Richard at Gmail.com
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