[aprssig] Broken digis (Ohio to Oklahoma and everywhere in between)

Max Slover k0azv at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 27 13:01:15 EDT 2007

--- "Richard N. Piper IV" <piper.richard at gmail.com>

> Jerome, most of the Digi's that you have listed are
> from St. Louis. In fact
> K0STL-15 I think is a club owned Digi. 
The K0STL-15 digi is privately owned. Ron Francois,
the gentleman who has his call tied to that digi is
the trustee for a repeater that comes under St. Louis
And Suburban Radio Club (www.slsrc.org). It's actual
location is at the St. Louis County EOC. As far as I
know there are only 2 digi's in the St. Louis area
that are club owned/operated, W0MA (BEARS) and W9AIU-8
(Egyptian RC). 

> I do know that some APRS users have tried to get
> folks in the St. Louis area
> to change most of the time with out any luck.
The owner of the N0OTM digi is trying to find someone
to take over ownership. He apparently has the stuff to
upgrade it but just hasn't found time to do so. 

Course at the moment I am looking at a map of roughly
50 miles around St. Louis and see a total of maybe 6
digi's covering the area. 


Public Information Officer -- St. Louis & Suburban Radio Club
K0AZV - Amateur
St. Louis County ARES
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