[aprssig] Why Should a Digi Use a Path?

Ken Patterson kenp at etex.net
Fri Jul 27 08:20:46 EDT 2007

Ok, since we are on the subject of digis, I have a question to pose.

Why should a digi transmit it's position, wx or telemetry with any path at

The digi's usefulness is only to the stations that can hear it -and- hit it.
Those stations that can hear the digi pathless report will show it on their
local station maps.

The digi's pathless report -will- show up on findu, if an i-gate is within
hearing range.

If anyone outside the RF range of the digi wants to know the presence of a
digi in the area, they can look on findu -or- just listen or watch for the
digi's pathless position report once they enter the area.

I operate a backyard digi with 3 paths & 1 no path in rotation (one of which
includes RELAY for legacy purposes).

I have considered changing to a totally pathless digi position report.

Can anyone give a clear & concise reason why the majority of APRS digis
should transmit it's own position, wx or telemetry report with a path?
(Perhaps mountain top, remote or isolated digis being the exception)?

de Ken
Digi: N5EQT-1

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