[aprssig] digi's

Jim McManis kg6ows at clearwire.net
Fri Jul 27 02:28:16 EDT 2007

Here we go. Utah's digi's feel the need to be seen and heard.. If hill top digi's want to advertise there pressents over 400 miles, maybe they should take up an ad in the news paper. IRONMT>APRS,RCHFLD,CAVE,LEWIS,VIRGPK,ECHO,MTOSO,WIDE5*,qAo,K6TJS:!3738.37NN11322.32W#PHG7838/ WB7REL I15 WIDE ....IRONMT>APRS,RCHFLD*,WIDE5-5,qAo,KB7WHN-2:!3738.37NN11322.32W#PHG7838/ WB7REL I15 WIDE... Jim KG6OWS
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