[aprssig] Re: New OpenTracker+ features

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Thu Jul 26 20:33:18 EDT 2007

If I remember right, the Peet Bros stations provide their own gust 
measurement, at least in 'complete' mode.

As for the 1-wire weather station, it's a little more complicated.  The 
tracker keeps a couple of previous high values for a certain length of 
time.  It's basically an optimal stopping problem - see the 'secretary 
problem' for the classic description.

The short version is that it doesn't have enough memory to track each 
wind reading over the required time window, so it just does its best to 
guess which peaks to keep.  The result is that it won't always report 
exactly the maximum gust in exactly the past 5 minutes, but it ought to 
be close enough.


Geoffrey Dick wrote:
> Scott,
> Used as a weather station controller, how does the 
> opentracker handle wind gust data?  Does it beacon
> the max wind speed over a period of time, or does
> it simply just spit out the next convenient wind
> speed measurement?
> Thanks for your fine work,
> Geoffrey Dick, wa4ikq
> Winter Park, FL 
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