[aprssig] GPS for D700A

Bernard Tyers bernard.tyers at gmail.com
Wed Jul 25 17:11:20 EDT 2007

FWIW I use a Garmin etrex GPS (with rechargable batteries) for my  
laptop Xastir setup and also for my TH-D7a with a standard Garmin  
serial cable with a 3.5mm stereo connector hacked on for my TH-D7a.  
It took all of 5 mins to solder it on.


On 25 Jul 2007, at 19:44, Stephen H. Smith wrote:

> KC0RNP-Richard N. Piper IV wrote:
>> I am looking for a cheep GPS unit for my D700A. I do not wish to  
>> have to make or "splice" any cable to make it work with my D700A.  
>> I know that AvMap works out of the box but don't wish to pay that  
>> kind of $. I saw a GPS unit on TAPR that has an serial connector,  
>> would that work with my D700A as it has a serial connection on the  
>> front of the radio?
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> The DB9 serial connector    IS NOT   for a GPS.  It is for  
> connecting a computer for "Packet Mode" operation with an external  
> program.
> Any  GPS connected to a D700 plugs into the 2.5MM sub-mini  
> connector (i.e. mini-headphone-style plug) next to the DB9.   You  
> WILL have to fabricate (or purchase) a specialized cable with a  
> male 9-pin D-sub on one end (assuming the GPS itself has a cable  
> with a standard 9-pin female plug intended to plug into a PC serial  
> port), and the 2.5MM stereo (i.e. 3-contact tip-ring-sleeve)  
> miniplug on the other.
> Further, note that USB-connected GPS devices are absolutely useless  
> for standalone use with a D700 or TH-D7.   You can only plug a USB  
> GPS into a computer.    You must located one of the dwindling  
> number of GPS devices that still have a classic serial port output  
> for use with the D700.
> Probably most D700 users use one of the faceless "mouse" or "hockey  
> puck" GPS units still available with serial output such as the  
> Garmin GPS18 or the Deluo that sell for $70-$90.  Note that these  
> devices require a source of 5 volts DC power to operate -- normally  
> provided by a cigarette-lighter 12VDC-to-5VDC adapter.
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