[aprssig] New OpenTracker+ features

Bill Vodall WA7NWP wa7nwp at gmail.com
Wed Jul 25 12:17:38 EDT 2007

> > anyway...   I've been looking for a basic embedded processor with two
> > serial ports.  Given the core APRS (and KISS I hope) to start with
> > that could be just what I need.
> Also take a look at the TinyTrak4 project.  They might have two
> RS-232 ports as well, and there are open-source development tools
> for the Atmel processors.  I've been using those tools on Linux for
> a while.

I can afford to pay for good development tools.  I can't afford the
endless hours of development to recreate existing but closed routines.
  There's nothing wrong with a canned and closed application appliance
but for anything were we're working to do good new magic then we need
to build on existing blocks and not waste our Amateur Time Units.

Look at how much time and potential progress we've lost because
Kantronics and Kenwood are closed to amateur development.

Bill - WA7NWP

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