[aprssig] GPS for D700A

Amir Findling sarlabs at gmail.com
Wed Jul 25 12:13:15 EDT 2007

Hi Richard:
This is the kind of cable you might want: 
as you can see form the list of units it will work with, you have plenty 
of choice of GPS and that is just for the models that take this cable. I 
use a Garmin 60CS in the vehicle and it works well, depending where you 
put it. OK on the dash, not as good on low on the console but acceptable 
most of the time. BTW, pick a cable that not only connects between the 
GPS and the radio but also powers the GPS through the cigar lighter 
plug, unless you prefer paying for batteries or using rechargeables etc.

You could pick up a relatively inexpensive unit such as the Garmin III+ 
on eBay and at least have a display where stations received will show, 
not on a map (unless you want to invest in that but the map memory is 
extremely limited), but just on the monochrome screen.

73 de Amir K9CHP, member ARRL, AMSAT #36083

K9 Training Officer, Cayuga County Highland SAR, 

K9 Certification Tester, NYS Federation of SAR Teams www.nysfedsar.org 

1^st Special Response Group (1SRG) www.1srg.org <http://www.1srg.org/>

Apprentice Tracker, Joel Hardin Professional Tracking Services, 
www.jhardin-inc.org <http://www.jhardin-inc.org/>


KC0RNP-Richard N. Piper IV wrote:
> I am looking for a cheep GPS unit for my D700A. I do not wish to have 
> to make or "splice" any cable to make it work with my D700A. I know 
> that AvMap works out of the box but don't wish to pay that kind of $. 
> I saw a GPS unit on TAPR that has an serial connector, would that work 
> with my D700A as it has a serial connection on the front of the radio?
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