[aprssig] New OpenTracker+ features

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Tue Jul 24 20:12:10 EDT 2007

Yeah, they both run through an ST202 transceiver.  If you're not using 
port B, the lines are used for CTS/RTS handshaking.

And it is open source, but I haven't released all of the code yet, and 
haven't decided on the license.  It'll probably be GPL'd, rather than 
BSD like the OpenTracker.  Also, the CodeWarrior compiler requires a 
license for code sizes over 16k.  That means you can compile the OT1+ 
firmware with the free version, but not the Tracker2 firmware.

What I may do is allocate some space for user code, and provide the rest 
as a ROM library that can be linked against.  If I can figure out how to 
do it properly, it should let you compile 16k of your own code without 
having to recompile everything else.

Yeah, you should be able to do a bit regen, though I think that'd be 
easier with a hardware modulator so the MCU isn't so busy generating the 


Bill Vodall WA7NWP wrote:
>> Also, the Tracker2 has 2 serial ports which allow you to connect both 
>> a GPS and computer simultaneously.
> Both are buffered for RS232?   Open source!  This is going to fill a
> very interesting niche.  When can I get one?  One to start with
> anyway...   I've been looking for a basic embedded processor with two
> serial ports.  Given the core APRS (and KISS I hope) to start with
> that could be just what I need.
> Will it still be possible to build a bit regen with the T2 even with
> the hardware demodulator?
> Thanks,
> Bill - WA7NWP
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