[aprssig] New OpenTracker+ features

Andrew Rich vk4tec at people.net.au
Tue Jul 24 15:49:36 EDT 2007

Can I make a suggestion

One web page per device.

But list them or have a menu.

And then you you can go to buy one.

Clearance items are always attractive too

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What is the difference between an OT2 and an OT1+ besides packaging?


Scott Miller wrote:
> The changelog's been lagging behind since the introduction of the OT1+.
>  I'll be working on getting the website up to date soon, and that should
> help clarify things.  Right now, I've got the following active products:
> OT1m - OpenTracker 1 series in a metal enclosure.  Limited by
> availability of the MCU, soon to be discontinued.
> OT1+ - The current through-hole kit.  Includes all the features of the
> OT1 and adds RX capability, expanded telemetry features, and easier
> tuning and diagnostics.
> OT1+ SMT - Functionally the same as above, but in a 24-pin DIP form
> factor, like a Basic Stamp II.  Good APRS MIM replacement.
> T2-135 - A Tracker2 board that goes in the Alinco DR-135T.
> TNC/tracker/digi/wx, Garmin binary support, and so forth.  Currently in
> limited production until I get the kinks worked out of automated assembly.
> I also have a few OT1x kits left, or parts for them anyway, but I'm
> taking them off the website to reduce confusion.
> OT2m kits - the Tracker2 in the same metal case as the OT1m - are
> available from time to time as I get boards in and make up beta test
> kits.  Currently all of the betas are on rev C.  Rev D was the first SMT
> version and had too many errors to be useful.  Rev E is on the way now,
> and if it works out it'll be the first production version of a
> standalone T2.
> Scott
> N1VG
> Andrew Rich wrote:
>> Scott,
>> I think the work you do is fantastic.
>> I must admit I have trouble keeping up with what tracker is which. They
>> change so quickly.
>> Do you maintain a hardware and software changelog ?
>> I am trying to get the FLARM - glider tracking product to incorporate
>> Andrew VK4TEC
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>> I just posted a new OT1+ firmware version - this release covers the Peet
>>   Bros and Dallas/AAG weather stations and power control options, so the
>> OT1+ should be fully caught up with the OT1.
>> I posted more details on the OpenTracker list, but aside from the
>> offline configuation editing function that I finally implemented after
>> three years of trying to find time, the most interesting thing is a new
>> addition to the SMT/telemetry firmware.
>> The current version that's on the website now will turn on and off the
>> power control output pin (pin 9 on the radio connector or ADC6 on the
>> SMT board, 25 mA source / 48 mA sink) in response to an 'ON' or 'OFF'
>> APRS text message, and will ACK the message.
>> Next up is access control and support for the other output pins, but
>> it's enough to test out anyway.  And it's not specific to the SMT
>> hardware - you can load the SMT firmware on the regular kit, but the
>> telemetry pin assignments are wrong.  The code will wind up in the
>> regular firmware as well, eventually.
>> On a related subject, what's a good after market battery for the TH-D7A?
>>   Half an hour of sending messages to turn on and off an LED on my
>> workbench and this thing's ready for a recharge.
>> Scott
>> N1VG

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