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Danny Messano danny at messano.net
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The issue is not with boycotting anyone.
The issue is that T2 *cut off* the CWOP users with an hour's notice, as I
recall.   Yes, this was reversed, but they were *CUT OFF*.
This is the basis for the "unreliable" statement, nevermind any arguments
you may want to make about T2.  If it happened once due to
politics/policies, don't think it can't happen again. 
If I was using any service and suddenly found myself unable to use the
service due to a policy change by the sysops/admins, and then was allowed
back on later due to a reversed decision, I too would continue to deem this
service unreliable.  If there was a second option, and in this case there
is, I would not have returned.  Outages are one thing, changes in policy are
Cutting off the CWOP users was IMO as unprofessional an act one can commit
on amateur radio or the internet (and in this case, both).  In our hobby we
have a fine line between hobby/play and hobby/service.  Taking down a
1200MHZ FM Repeater you and two of your buddies played on is one thing,
taking down your primary 2M Repeater used for SKYWARN in tornado alley is
another.  There is a moral obligation to those you are serving, and
violating that is non-forgivable.  
What happened here was very much under the category hobby/service, but it
was treated like hobby/play, or even hobby/playing god.  For that, tagging
the service as "unreliable" is much more than a professional response to
such an unprofessional act.


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Matt I was not saying that all data is not accurate. I was talking about
CWOP which NOAA has said it does not want on T2 servers. I will not get into
why becuase we have all seen the messages from Phill and Stave on this. 

What I am getting at is the it is in the best instrest of APRS and Ham Radio
if we all could just put our past behind use and realize that some of us
rely on data sent to APRS-IS and that data needs to be as accurate as
possible. Thus my reason for connecting to no-T2 when I need to see CWOP
I am not trying to bash anyone here. I am just trying to make a point that
in order for younger folks to come on board and stay with Ham Radio we need
not get into aurguments and bash each other. I speak from experence on this
as I left a Ham Club in the past becuase of the aurguments and bashing that
went on. It's bad for Ham Radio and trust me PEOPLE WILL GO TO ANOTHER
Folks being 26 I see that we need to get "new blood" into Ham Radio.
However, I don't think the new blood is going to come on when they join a
list like this on or others that have to do with Ham Radio and see all the
basing and aurguments that are going on. Ham Radio is suposed to be a fun
enjoyable hobby, but to me right now it's not as I have to read email almost
weekly where people are basing this or that person. What ever happened to
the "TRUE MEANING OF HAM RADIO?" The one where someone wanted to help a
friend out? The one where you didn't bash or have a aurgement with another
operator? The one where we all go alone and helped each other out even when
we thought the other operator was wrong, they may but; but if we helped them
out them both of us could learn. 
To Steve with the Core, why not work to support Ham Radio and work with T2?
Yes I know that I have "boycotted" them in the past but the reason I say
this know is that God is showing me that in order for Ham Radio to progress
Ok I know this email is long but folks this all needed to be stated. Agian
lets all stop the bashing and aurguing.
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