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Fri Jul 20 10:47:56 EDT 2007

Hi Richard,

I'm a WX spotter, a UI-VIEW user, iGate operator, and a T2 server operator.

( http://t2midwest.aprs2.net:14501 )

While I'm NOT sure what all the beef is about nor do I care - I DO take exception to the implied statement that APRS-IS data passed at the 'T2' level is not accurate and complete.  :(

Please refrain from such implications.

73 - Matt
n0gik at n0gik.net

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  Why oh Why can't the folks at T2 see that people don't like to support them because of what happened with NOAA and CWOP??? I am a storm spotter and at times do use a TCP/IP UI-View connection so that I can see CWOP users as it helps me when trying to know what is going on when spotters go out. I most of the time when needing to get accurate info don't connect to at T2. 

  Anyhow why can't people see the truth in what T2 did and why can't they see that some of us can't support them because we depend on the data the CWOP provides??
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