[aprssig] HT-220 HT's for APRS

Doug Younker dougy at ruraltel.net
Thu Jul 19 22:35:47 EDT 2007

Stephen H. Smith wrote:

> Why would it matter if the unit uses mechanical relays or electronic 
> switching for PTT?

As long as the switching time is manageable, I don't think it makes a 
difference.  Azdens must have been a good buy when the old boys who 
pioneered packet radio in this part of Kansas built their network, 
because several where put into packet service 19-20 or so years ago. 
They use T/R relays and at least one in now in APRS service, relay still 
clicking it's little ole' heart out. At a more relaxed pace now, since 
it no longer passes PBBS traffic. :)
Doug, N0LKK

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