[aprssig] D700 blowing power fuses

Joel Kandel kandelj at bellsouth.net
Thu Jul 19 08:53:38 EDT 2007

I may try the re-route and go to the cigarette lighter plug.
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> Hi Joel,
> Have you disconnected the positive lead at the radio and battery to check 
> to see if there is any continuity from the positive power lead to the 
> vehicle chassis?  There should be none, if there is, follow Matt's advice 
> on, inspecting the harness to the radio or, abandon the one your using and 
> reroute a new one, whatever is easier.  Good Luck
> Doug, N0LKK
> Kansas USA inc.
> Joel Kandel wrote:
>> Has anyone run into the D700 blowing the 20 amp fuse on the positive 
>> power lead to the car battery? All cabling seems to check out until 
>> connected to my D700. Then, in random intervals, the fuse blows. It 
>> doesn't seem to correlate to trasmitting times either. Resistance 
>> measurements on the power leads attached  to the radio with battery power 
>> disconnected seem to swing between "open line" and 30 megohms. Anyone 
>> know what the readings should be with power disconnected?
>>  Thanks,
>> Joel Kandel, KI4T
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