[aprssig] D700 blowing power fuses

Doug Younker dougy at ruraltel.net
Thu Jul 19 01:47:46 EDT 2007

Hi Joel,

Have you disconnected the positive lead at the radio and battery to 
check to see if there is any continuity from the positive power lead to 
the vehicle chassis?  There should be none, if there is, follow Matt's 
advice on, inspecting the harness to the radio or, abandon the one your 
using and reroute a new one, whatever is easier.  Good Luck
Doug, N0LKK
Kansas USA inc.

Joel Kandel wrote:
> Has anyone run into the D700 blowing the 20 amp fuse on the positive 
> power lead to the car battery? All cabling seems to check out until 
> connected to my D700. Then, in random intervals, the fuse blows. It 
> doesn't seem to correlate to trasmitting times either. 
> Resistance measurements on the power leads attached  to the radio with 
> battery power disconnected seem to swing between "open line" and 30 
> megohms. Anyone know what the readings should be with power disconnected?
> Thanks,
> Joel Kandel, KI4T

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