[aprssig] D700 Recomend Settings for Moble

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Jul 16 20:48:03 EDT 2007

> >Tx interval: ...
> I don't have a GPS and enter position manually?

Still 1 minute.  The reason is, you want any passing APRS user
running voice alert to hear you.  If you only beacon once every
10 minutes, you will never even be heard by someone passing
right by...

But set your path to one hop or none.  I just returned from a
1600 mile trip but my GPS cables were ripped out by my son's big
feet.  The GPS still ran on some AA's I dug out from under the
seat.  But I only turned it on for a single fix once every hour
or so.  Otherwise, I just entered that posit once and then
dead-reckoned my position every 10 miles.

When 10 miles went by (mile markers), I would add(or subtract) 8
minutes of Latitude if I was going north or south, or add (or
subtract) about 10 minutes of Longitude if I was going east or
west.  Anything in between I did proportionally too.  People
reported I was never more than a few miles fro where I really
was.  And with position ambigutiy of 1 mile set on the D700, it
was pretty obvious to anyone that my positions were estimates
and not precise.

Clicking up the LAT or LONG by 8 or 10 clicks was very easy to

> If you are entering this information manually 
> you should use manual transmissions ...

TO make Voice Alert work and to meet other folks on the road, I
recommend automatic at 1 minute rate but only 1 hop in the path.

Bob, WB4aPR

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