[aprssig] D700 Recomend Settings for Moble

Eric H Christensen eric at christensenplace.us
Mon Jul 16 10:31:10 EDT 2007

I've included some answers within you text:
>The questions I have are:
>Unprotocol: Should this be APK101?
Yes, this denotes that you are using a D700.

>Tx interval: What should this be set to as I don't have a GPS and enter my 
>position manually?
If you are entering this information manually and you are on the move then you should use manual transmissions instead of automatic ones.  If you are selecting a position when you are parked then I'd say every 30 minutes.

>Status TX Rate: What should this be set to? I use 
>richard.piper at media4god.org as my Status Text
E-Mail addresses are good.  What voice frequency you are monitoring is even better!  That way people can get up with you in real-time.

>The Packet Path I know because I live in a area that does not have many 
>digi's and have to use WIDE1-1,WIDE3-3
It appears that you are getting gated to the IS on your first hop. (KC0RNP-9>S7TW3U,N9AZZ-2*,WIDE3-3,qAR,N4XI-11:'u_*l >/]richard.piper at media4god.org).  Unless there is a good reason for going out four hops.  Four hops will generate 64 packets (mathematically speaking when assuming the four-digi rule).

Quoting Bob's, WB4APR, website (http://web.usna.navy.mil/~bruninga/APRS-docs/paths.txt):

FEWER HOPS:  Although you are tempted to set a LONG path so everyone can
see you, remember that to them, you are just QRM.  Especially since the
amount of QRM you generate grows geometrically with the number of hops
as shown in the following table.  ALSO the probability of a successful
packet also goes down greatly.  The following table shows the decreasing
probability of a successful packet if we assume a 50% probability of
collision and each WIDE can hit 4 other WIDES.

----  -------  ------ --------------------------------------
 1     50%       1    For local ops & special events
 2     25%       5    Routine ops
 3     12%      13    extended ops
 4      6%      25    statewide ops Heavy QRM
 5      3%      41    Nothing gets through.  Too much QRM
 6      1%      61    Useless AND totally boggs down network

>Any help would be great full :)

Of course this is my opinion.  Your mileage will vary.

Eric W4OTN

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