[aprssig] OpenTracker+ SMT now available

Andrew Rich vk4tec at people.net.au
Mon Jul 2 06:36:10 EDT 2007

Thats awesome !

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I'm finally shipping the surface mount version of the OpenTracker+.  No
kits, just assembled units - packing little tiny resistors and capacitors
just isn't worth the trouble.  You do get to install the two rows of pins
yourself, if you choose to use them.

No LEDs on this board (you can connect external LEDs if you need them), and
no on-board temperature sensor.  It *will* report its supply voltage,
though, assuming you're using the on-board regulator.  The regulator can be
easily bypassed if you don't need it.

It's got 9 analog inputs (10 bit resolution) that could also be digital
I/Os.  So far I haven't written the code to support extra telemetry values
from them, though.   For now, I'll probably just do a simple alternate
firmware that reports 5 analog and 5 digital values in the standard APRS
format, but I expect to make it more flexible in the future, including
support for Dallas 1-wire devices.

It's in a 24-pin DIP form factor, the same size as the Basic Stamp BS2, and
roughly half the size of the APRS MIM.  It will also fit in the project
boxes I'm selling, so you can build your own tracker in the same case style
as the OT1x with plenty of space left over for extra sensors and such.

They're $40 at

I've got some other new goodies available too.  The new SiRF III based GPS
receivers from Deluo are in - for $10 more than the Sony chipset version,
you get significantly better sensitivity.  Those are at

Also in stock are ferrite filtered d-sub connectors.  I got these for use
with the Tracker2, OT1m, and OT1+.  They add some extra RFI protection
without adding more parts or taking up more space.  Those are in the 'Cables
and Connectors' section.

There are a few more T2-135's available (that's the Tracker2 TNC board for
the Alinco DR-135T) at
https://www.argentdata.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=55.  I'm
still just selling those in small batches for now until I get up to speed on


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