[aprssig] Help setting up a new TM-D710 for APRS

Shanon KA8SPW ka8spw at sbcglobal.net
Sun Dec 30 09:29:21 EST 2007

Hi Bob,

  Long story short we found the problem and fixed it.  It was a bad RJ45 
connector on the cable from the head to the transceiver.  The plastic 
was bent over onto the gold pins preventing the audio from the head 
getting to the rear unit.  Our first chase was that maybe a parameter 
was set wrong.

  The radio worked fine for normal voice communications.  The radio did 
transmit like it was sending a postilion.  Only it was a dead carrier, 
no data, no audio at all.  Not having a schematic made it difficult to 
trace.  It was a new installation in a new Toyota Pria hybrid done by 
the owner, I was not aware of what cabling was involved with this new 
radio..  Not until I figured out where the TNC was and that the audio 
for it was separate from the microphone audio did the bell ring. 

  The radio belongs to my father in law, WA8OOH.  Both of us have been 
in packet since the TNC-1 hooked to a model 33 and our Digital Group 
Computers.  Together we had built many of them.  I live near Detroit, he 
has now retired and moved to the Michigan U.P.  He was here for the 
holidays.  I just retired too, from Ford at the R&E Center.  I don't 
know where I had time to work, I am so busy now!

  Thanks for all that you do Bob.  Hope you had a Merry Christmas and 
will have a GREAT NEW YEAR!

Shanon KA8SPW

Bob Bruninga wrote:
>> He has the GPS hooked up and... the display does 
>> blink "GPS" this would indicate the GPS is 
>> sending and the radio is receiving the data from 
>> the GPS.  Problem is there is no data in the 
>> transmitted packets. 
> Unfortunately, your last sentence is quite ambiguous.  If it is like the D700, then it will not even transmit unless it has a valid position data.  So your sentnece is self contridictory.  Unless it only transmits text messages but not position?
> What do you mean by "data"?  The position data is not hukman readable. Maybe it is there and you might be expecting something else?
> We can help, if you give us more info.  Like, what does the packet it transmits look like?
> thanks
> Bob, WB4APR

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