[aprssig] USAPhotoMaps

Ralph Milnes ralphmilnes at patmedia.net
Mon Dec 24 15:45:32 EST 2007

Doug Cox wrote:

> Doesn't ANYONE want to try USAPhotoMaps and comment on it? It's like
UI-View, only simpler (the APRS part, anyway) and has almost-built-in maps.

It sounds like you posted an announcement and got no feedback. Sorry, I for
one missed any earlier announcement.

Doug, any chance you'll add support for AGWPE to it? Hooking to AGWPE would
save you the trouble of writing for various TNCs, plus it would allow the
use of sound cards in lieu of TNCs.

Is there any way to make the APRS spots display on the map with a call sign
and symbol? If there is, I would make that the default view instead of
little red and green dots.

Frankly, there probably isn't a way to make a "simple" APRS program. There
are so many features in a program like UI-View (message handling, display
options, internet feed options, etc) that it would be hard to include them
all. The photo maps are certainly neat, but for APRS use I like the
functionality of UI-View. If you were to attempt to match those features,
you probably would be biting off an awful lot.


Ralph KC2RLM

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