[aprssig] New Cell Phone

John,K0QH k0qh at localnet.com
Mon Dec 24 08:14:10 EST 2007

Stephen H. Smith wrote:

> Very unlikely you will get any normal ham software to run on these 
> devices, since these phones don't run "real" Windows or other mainstream 
> operating systems.   My guess is that you should wait until an iPhone 
> clone that works with your carrier is offered; i.e. a phone with a large 
> enough screen to browse the Internet normally rather than having to 
> mangle pages into a special dumbed down "mobile"version.  [There are 
> going to be a number of iPhone-like devices offered by non-Apple mfrs 
> for use on non-ATT networks this coming year.  Several are already in  
> use in Asia and Europe.]
> Then run an APRS program with an included webserver like UI-View at 
> home,and remote access it from the phone.   Or run the stationary 
> computer's desktop with a remote-access product like "GotoMyPC" that 
> allows access to the controlled PC from any (normal) browser, including 
> wireless devices,  without having to have special software on the phone.

You should check out www.n0hr.com for links to psk,cw, and logging 
software for these type phones.

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