[aprssig] Any VO1's on the list?

Ray McKnight shortsheep at worldnet.att.net
Thu Dec 20 02:26:20 EST 2007

I am searching for the VO1, VO2 QSL manager.

I do not want to go thru ARRL bureau.  It used to be

VO1BD, but is this still accurate, and is the QSL.net 

Address correct?  Does he have an e-mail address?


I have a few hundred cards to *finally* deliver to VO-land,

And Roland told me way back when to send them directly

To him.  If I have the correct chap, he was manager at St

John's airport.  Is this still correct?


To keep this on topic, yes, many contacts were made via APRS.


Thanks for any help.



Ray - WB3ABN

Kingston, WA

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