[aprssig] Satgate settings.

Michael J. Wolthuis wolthui3 at msu.edu
Sun Dec 23 16:26:08 EST 2007

What is the other tracking program if we can know?

On Sat, 2007-12-22 at 20:43 -0500, gerheim at cox.net wrote:
> Generally suggest 145.825MHz.  Just leave it there, and you'll pick up all the 1200 baud satellites.  GO-32 is on 435.225 (nominal), not 435.325.  May have been a typo somewhere.  If you can't copy 9600 baud, it doesn't matter anyway.  
> I'm beta testing a program, ASatLogger, by Bill Diaz, which (along with another $ tracking program) will allow you to swap between satellite and terrestrial APRS whenever a satellite goes overhead.  Very cool.  
> It's still a bit rugged to operate.  
> Stay tuned!  
> ---- Rahn Abbott <whiskey7doa at gmail.com> wrote: 
> > I now have a radio and TNC set up for I-gate. However, my local area is
> > fairly well covered with digi's and I-gates. I think it would be a waste of
> > resources to put yet another I-gate on the net. So I have made the decision
> > to use it as a dedicated Satgate. I started to get interested in the GO-32
> > sat. But when I realized my TNC won't run at 9600 I scrapped that idea.
> > Plus, I have been listening on 435.325 and have not heard a peep. Two
> > strikes against GO-32. I have successfully captured packets from ISS. But I
> > am looking for suggestions on which sat to gate. Or are there a couple
> > different ones on 145.825 which is where I am currently hearing ISS packets.
> > 
> > Next question. I am hooked to a server, aprsfl.net:10152 specifically and
> > UI-view says that packets are being routed to the net but I don't think they
> > are actually getting where they need to be because I don't see them showing
> > up on the net as though I gated them.
> > I don't want to cause problems so I need to know, which server(s) should I
> > hook to if I want a satgate, and what should my settings be on UI-view?
> > BTW, my location is in the 45N 112W area, I would not even be opposed to
> > gating other satellites, as long as they are not running 9600 baud. And
> > preferably VHF since it doesn't seem to be effected by doppler as much as
> > UHF is. I don't know how much info you can gather about my set up already
> > but my call is W7DOA. Thanks for any help you may be able to give. I just
> > don't want to cause problems with the gate. I found a website that
> > supposedly told you how to set up a satgate but the servers they told me to
> > use were not able to be connected to.
> > Thanks again
> > Rahn
> > W7DOA
> > 73
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