[aprssig] Satgate settings.

Andrew Rich vk4tec at people.net.au
Sat Dec 22 21:06:22 EST 2007

I now have a radio and TNC set up for I-gate.

> Cool 145.825 Mhz for ISS etc

 But when I realized my TNC won't run at 9600 I scrapped that idea.

> Use your sound card, and there are still more sats on 1200 baud eg FCAL
and GENESAT and AO-51

 Plus, I have been listening on 435.325 and have not heard a peep.

> Wrong frequency - 435.230 then 435.225

 Two strikes against GO-32.

> Not yet

 I have successfully captured packets from ISS.

> Easy

 But I am looking for suggestions on which sat to gate.

> Play sats, much more fun. Heard AO-16, GO-32, GENESAT, NO-44 ISS,

Next question. I am hooked to a server, aprsfl.net:10152 specifically and
UI-view says that packets are being routed to the net but I don't think they
are actually getting where they need to be because I don't see them showing
up on the net as though I gated them.

> Not all packets are let free to the wider net

 I don't want to cause problems so I need to know, which server(s) should I
hook to if I want a satgate, and what should my settings be on UI-view?

> There are no settings expect exclusions.

BTW, my location is in the 45N 112W area, I would not even be opposed to
gating other satellites, as long as they are not running 9600 baud.

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