[aprssig] Satgate settings.

Rahn Abbott whiskey7doa at gmail.com
Sat Dec 22 19:19:53 EST 2007

I now have a radio and TNC set up for I-gate. However, my local area is
fairly well covered with digi's and I-gates. I think it would be a waste of
resources to put yet another I-gate on the net. So I have made the decision
to use it as a dedicated Satgate. I started to get interested in the GO-32
sat. But when I realized my TNC won't run at 9600 I scrapped that idea.
Plus, I have been listening on 435.325 and have not heard a peep. Two
strikes against GO-32. I have successfully captured packets from ISS. But I
am looking for suggestions on which sat to gate. Or are there a couple
different ones on 145.825 which is where I am currently hearing ISS packets.

Next question. I am hooked to a server, aprsfl.net:10152 specifically and
UI-view says that packets are being routed to the net but I don't think they
are actually getting where they need to be because I don't see them showing
up on the net as though I gated them.
I don't want to cause problems so I need to know, which server(s) should I
hook to if I want a satgate, and what should my settings be on UI-view?
BTW, my location is in the 45N 112W area, I would not even be opposed to
gating other satellites, as long as they are not running 9600 baud. And
preferably VHF since it doesn't seem to be effected by doppler as much as
UHF is. I don't know how much info you can gather about my set up already
but my call is W7DOA. Thanks for any help you may be able to give. I just
don't want to cause problems with the gate. I found a website that
supposedly told you how to set up a satgate but the servers they told me to
use were not able to be connected to.
Thanks again
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