[aprssig] DIGI 8.3 WIDE1-1 bug?

Jim jim at stuckinthemud.org
Fri Dec 21 13:05:01 EST 2007

I thought every version prior to 9.1 had quirks of some sort and are not
recommended for digi use?

Jim, G1HUL

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Subject: [aprssig] DIGI 8.3 WIDE1-1 bug?

Panic?  KPC-3+ digi Bug?

I just noticed today that my 8.3 DIGI is not forwarding WIDE1-1 packets
correctly!  Am I confused?  It's a busy day... But...

I send this packet:


My digi does this:

And it DIES!  The * should be after the WIDE1, as in WIDE1*,...

This is the behavior of an 8.2.  (We know the fix is to add
WIDE1-1 to the UIDIGI list, but that should not be required in the 8.3
code).  My ROM number is KPC3P-34F68191-8.3

*** or *** my docs are incorrectlly telling everyone that all 8.3's are
correct.  My docs say that all 8.2 roms after ...7265 are OK, except for the
above problem, but there is no mention of bad code for the version 8.3's.
Apparenly there is.  Can someone straighten this out (Cap?) so I can fix my


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