[aprssig] Non-Responsive Mouse Periods When Running XASTIR

Curt archer at eskimo.com
Fri Dec 21 11:18:30 EST 2007

On Sat, 15 Dec 2007, Earl Needham wrote:

> At 12:10 12/15/2007, Jason Rausch wrote:
> >I recently install DSL (Damn Small Linux) and I am
> >fairly new to running Linux past installing and
> >playing around with some basic functions.  But, for
> >the last few weeks I have been running the lastest
> >XASTIR distro under DSL and I have noticed that my
> >mouse pointer will reguarly "freeze" up and then after
> >a few seconds become movable again.  It will do this
> >three to four times in a row and then not do it for
> >several minutes.  Has anyone else experienced this?
>         I bet you could get better info on the Xastir list, although they
> expect you to know Linux pretty well to begin with.

I'd modify that slightly to say that we certainly try to help
newbies over there and everybody's a newbie at some point, right?
However we do expect that one will try to read the docs/man-pages
and learn general Linux stuff on their own, plus there are plenty of
web pages, books, newsgroups, and mailing lists devoted to the Linux

A bit of Linux general stuff on our list is no big deal.  A full
tutorial discussion on Linux needs to be done somewhere else.  ;-)

Regarding the freeze-up issue:  It could be Xastir receiving new NWS
weather alerts and pausing to draw them.  Do you see something like
"Loading WX Maps" on the status line just before or during each of
these instances?  Is any text consistent on the status line when
the freeze-up occurs?

Do you have Snapshots turned on?  If so it could be
ImageMagick/GraphicsMagick taking time to convert the saved XPM
screenshot to PNG format.

Are you using one of the internet-based raster maps like
USRadar.geo or WMSRadar.geo?  Look inside the .geo file and you'll
see a REFRESH line which says how often Xastir will go fetch a new
map.  Perhaps your freeze-ups are consistent with this timing.

Jason:  I've tried to contact you directly a few times over the last
year or so and not received a response, perhaps a spam filter is
shuttling my messages off to never-land?  Please contact me directly
with an address that my messages may make it back to.  Thanks!

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