[aprssig] RE: 6 meter APRS or meteorscater?

Stephen H. Smith wa8lmf2 at aol.com
Wed Dec 19 14:39:03 EST 2007

Robert Bruninga wrote:
>   Since Meteor scatter is a continuous statistical
> process, then as long as the outgoing message has been in the TX
> queue for X minutes, then there is a 99% probability that it was
> received and injected into the internet.  Done.
> We can experiment to find out what X is.  And there will be two
> values of X.  One for use with a 2 dBi gain vertical and another
> with say a small beam.  

Huh??   How would you aim a beam at randomly occurring events?  Or would 
you reserve the beam for meteor showers and aim at the radiant?

I'd be ready to give this a try with my Kenwood TS-690 HF+6 rig, but 
here in most of the greater L.A. area,  weak-signal 6M receive is 
totally buried under 50-100 uV of lower-sideband "grunge" from channel 2 
TV, especially on the upper half of the band.

[70-80-90 dB down from a quarter-megawatt signal on a low-loss 
line-of-sight path (Channel 2 is on Mt Wilson, 5000 feet above it's 
service area) is still a lot of trash even 20-30 miles away!]

Perhaps this will be one of the very few BENEFITS of classic analog TV 
going dark in 2009.  We may get the 6 meter band back in a usable way in 
all the large metro areas with Channel 2 TV stations.......


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