[aprssig] PK-88 And UI-View

Richard N. Piper IV richard.piper at media4god.org
Wed Dec 19 00:40:43 EST 2007

I was at my mom's today growing through some boxes of things that I
still had over there and found an old PK-88. I have tried to get it to
at least see stations on 144.39. I have a cord going out of the
speaker into the RX in on  PK-88 but I can not get UI-View to "see"
any packets. I am not sure what I doing wrong, If need be this can be
moved off this list and you can email me at
Richard.Piper at Media4God.org

Email: Richard.Piper at Media4God.org
Web: http://kc0rnp.media4god.org

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