[aprssig] Weather Bulletins for Central/South Central PA

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Sun Dec 16 19:31:34 EST 2007

On 12/16/07, Stephen H. Smith <wa8lmf2 at aol.com> wrote:

Thanks, I was going to turn them off too to see if that had any effect!!

> After hours of experimentation, I discovered that the checkboxes in
> UI-NWS don't affect the appearance of shape files on the map at all!
> They only affect the audible alarm (the whoop-whoop-whoop siren effect)
> announcing the arrival of warnings and watches for various areas.   The
> map on my website at:
>      <http://wa8lmf.dyndns.org:14439>
> is lighting up shapes all over the country without a single zone being
> entered in the "Setup, Area Alarms" dialog in UI-NWS.      Originally, I
> though I had to have ALL the zones checked in UI-NWS (a time-consuming
> pain in the neck to do for the whole U.S.) but all I got for my troubles
> was continuous sirens nearly non-stop 24/7!     I  have since placed the
> local zonesx (withing about 100 miles of me) in the audible alarm list,
> but the rest of the country continues to light up silently on the map.
> 1)   As several other posters have mentioned, are you connected to an
> APRS Internet server, or are you trying to receive these off-the-air via
> RF?   You must have an Internet connection.   Even if some
> well-meaning-but-uninformed user tries to gate this stuff from the
> Internet to RF, the on-air 1200-baud transmission rate doesn't remotely
> have the bandwidth for a full area feed, let alone the full NWS stream

No...the site I am most interested in (N3QBI-4) is not connected to
the APRS-IS server. I assumed that since I have seen many weather
messages on the RF side of APRS here, I thought to try that first,
before connecting the program to the 'Net.

> 2)  Assuming you ARE using an Internet connection, what port number are
> you using on the APRS server login?   If you are using the user-defined
> filter port 14580 ,  you need to to add the expression  t/n  to the
> "Extra long-on text" filter command in UI-View's "APRS Server Setup"
> dialog.   Note that after you make the edit, you have to disconnect from
> an APRS server and then re-connect for the new filter to have any effect.
> Details on the user-defined filter port are on my website here:
>      <http://wa8lmf.net/aprs/JAVaprsFilters.htm>

I will check this out when I get ready to connect it to the Net. I'm
sure I will need all the help I can get!

What confused me was the fact that ONE bulletin from NWSCTP made it
out to RF. I wonder if anyone North of me in Central PA is sending out
bulletins on RF, and I just can't pick them up at this location.


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