[aprssig] Aerial or Satellite Photos/Map for APRS Use

Rich Garcia k4gpsc at gmail.com
Sun Dec 16 13:46:59 EST 2007

Does anyone know of a source of RECENT Aerial/Satellite photos that could be
used as a map ? I believe that Xastir has a way to convert photos to a map
if you can calibrate the photo to known points.

I just recently moved to a 30 acre property in South Carolina. Before summer
comes (ATV and Yard work)I was thinking of installing a small tracker on the
ATV and Tractor. The property is very wooded and "rough" so once you go
beyond one or 2 acres you can't see anything from the home.

I have searched for the past several months on the internet for images that
I can use for APRS but also for personal use since this was dense woods and
we have done a lot of commercial logging here. I would like to purchase an
older photo and another one taken after October of this year to see the
impact. If anyone has any leads I would appreicate it. My last choice is to
set out markers on all four corners I guess then hire a local crop duster to
take me up with a camera, I can then apply the lat/long to the 4 markers and
hopefully import it into Xaster or UIView32.


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